Nomad Hub Bali


The new way how to do your business. The presence of this type of non-physical rental office that is used as a legal business address and virtual assistant who will help you to handle documents, letters, packages that come to your company address, help you to answer incoming calls to your company number and saving operational costs compared with physical offices.

What's included?

Prestigious Business Address

Legal business for your professional business

Mail Handling & Parcel Reception

We will notify you if there is any correspondence

Legal Management

Preparation of deed, SKDP, NPWP, SIUP, TDP, BNRI & other important documents.


Virtual office only

Business domicile only

IDR 3.000.000/year

Virtual office & legal service

Business domicile + Legal

PT PMA IDR 30.000.000/year
PT local IDR 15.000.000/year
CV IDR 8.000.000/year

Legal process A-Z can be done for 3 days only.